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South African Game meat

The Reinhuys Trading Company of South Africa (Pty) Ltd, is an independent supplier and exporter of Game meat and venison, specializing in high end, quality and exotic meats. 

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The Reinhuys Trading Company of South Africa

Distributors and exporters of quality South African game meat.

South Africa boasts with some of the highest quality, healthiest and top-end meats available in the world today.

Speciality meats has always been valued as a premium product by many European and Eurasian countries alike, and has in recent years grown in popularity and demand. Together with the highest of standards upheld by specifically chosen and certified export abattoirs, we guarantee a quality product, ready to be distributed to the end consumer.

Here at Reinhuys we believe that the richness and flavour of a genuine, certified export quality product, should be shared with those around the world who truly appreciates the taste of speciality meats.

We strive to provide our clients, with an opportunity to deliver a premium product to their customers, by making sure that quality and value, coupled with diligence in all facets of the cold chain, remains a top priority.

Our product? Venison.

100% Game | 100% wild.

Venison meat for sale South Africa
South African venison meat for sale
South African Game meat for sale
Exporters of game meat and venison