Meat Products

A higher standard in game meat and venison

We invite you to taste the best, finest quality, most delicious tasting cuts of meat available in the world.

The game meat and venison* industry in South Africa, relative to similar industries in elsewhere in the world, is still growing and has plenty of room obtainable for expansion, both locally and on an international level.

Fortunately, because of favorable laws on the ownership of wildlife in South Africa, the game industry has grown exponentially in the last decade, producing more animals and meat products today than ever before.

To find the right supplier for your outlet, restaurant or hotel remains at the core of decision making of any business enterprise, and that is why REINHUYS prides itself in the utmost professional way of service delivery.
We guarantee with each and every meat product delivered, registered teams, from the point of harvesting, through the various processes in the abattoir right to the logistics company delivering your order at locations across the world.

Our passion for sharing one of the world’s rarest meat commodities, drives us to ensure that our client are satisfied with only the best quality of meat.

*The term Venison refers to the meat derived from deer in New Zealand and Australia, rather than the very specific game meat products found on the African continent

The Reinhuys Trading Company of South Africa, Reinhuys (Pty) Ltd, is an independant exporter specializing in high end, quality meats, with divisions as a Media House and interests in the development of renewable enegry.  

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