Elevate your projects and business with South African Silica Sand & discover our premium export-quality sands.

Unlocking the Potential of South African Silica Sand

Silica Sand Exports

Welcome to Reinhuys Minerals, where we offer high-quality silica sand for a variety of industries in South Africa and beyond. Our silica sand is mined from our quarry located in the Limpopo province, ensuring that we provide the best quality sand to our customers.

We understand the importance of high-quality silica sand for a variety of industries, including glass manufacturing, construction, foundries, and more. Our silica sand is available in bulk supply, making it easy for industries to source the quantities they need for their operations.

Our focus is not only on supplying the local South African market but also on exporting our silica sand to other countries, with a particular emphasis on the BRICS countries. We recognize the increasing demand for high-quality silica sand in these markets, and we aim to meet that demand with our superior product and excellent service.

Reinhuys, Silica Sand export company. Distributors of quality Silica Sand

From ceramics to construction, metallurgical to glassmaking, Reinhuys Silica Sand products ensure a top-quality outcome, every time.

Silica Sand Icon Construction industry


Our high-quality Silica Sand, available in bulk, is the foundation of your construction needs. With its impeccable grain size and purity, our sand ensures strong and durable structures for every project.

Silica Sand Icon Ceramics industry


Elevate your ceramics with the finest South African Silica Sand. Crafted for perfection, our sand enhances the texture and strength of your ceramic creations, making them stand out in beauty and quality.

Silica Sand Icon Glassmaking industry


Transform your glass creations with the brilliance of South African Silica Sand. Its exceptional clarity and purity give your glass products a sparkle and transparency that captivates and mesmerizes.

Silica Sand Icon Metalurgical industry


In the world of metallurgy and foundry, precision is paramount. Our South African Silica Sand, tailored to exacting standards, is the essential ingredient for casting excellence and metalworking precision.


Concrete & Plaster sand

Water Treatment

Swimming pools

Resins & Rubbers

Foundry Sands & Steel


Fluxing & Refractories

Golf & Racecourses

Bowling greens

Fish ponds & Beach sand

Lubricants & Sealants

Plastics & Paints

Customer satisfaction above all else

Reinhuys, Silica Sand export company. Distributors of quality Silica Sand

When it comes to high-quality silica sand in bulk, look no further than Reinhuys. With our competitive pricing, and commitment to delivering top-notch products, we are your trusted partner in meeting your silica sand requirements.

Quality Assurance

We understand the significance of delivering consistently high-quality silica sand to our esteemed customers. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that our products meet stringent quality standards. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the particle size and characteristics of our sand, which are meticulously tested and monitored. Should you require detailed reports showcasing the sand’s particle size distribution and composition, we are more than happy to provide them.

Scalable Supply Capacity

At our company, we possess the capacity to fulfil orders of any scale. Whether you require a large bulk shipment or prefer packaged sand delivered in one-tonne bags within containers, we have the logistical capabilities to meet your specific needs. Our fleet of trucks ensures efficient transportation, allowing us to reach customers across the Limpopo, North-West, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng provinces of South Africa.

Proven Track Record

We take pride in our existing partnerships, including a long-standing collaboration with a prominent ceramics company. This experience has enabled us to fine-tune our processes, ensuring a seamless supply chain and reliable service. As a result, we have gained valuable insights into the diverse requirements of various industries, making us the go-to supplier for high-quality silica sand.