Game meat and Venison export to other African countries

The Reinhuys Trading Company has extensive experience in the commerce with various African countries, especially that of East-Southern Africa such as Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, as well as the West African countries of Senegal and Guinea-Conakry.

it is and remain our aim in a broader spectrum to supply Africa with quality products, combined with the most effective cost structuring available.

Because of the unique nature of African economies, and the cold chain being constantly established on a yearly basis, Reinheys has developed tailor made packages and solutions for specific countries and regions.

The Hotel and Restaurant industry within the Tourism sectors on the African continent, remains an important part of Venison consumption, yet through the various cuts of meat available, we are perfectly suited for the ample supply of the growing mining sectors on the continent.

With standards varying from country to country, the importers and distributors can be at ease, knowing that our products, being of the highest export quality, will meet the standards of any African country.

Through the cooperation and the collaboration of various South African and International entities, Reinhuys is able to supply large volumes of venison to nearly any location on the African continent.

Though the Reinhuys Trading Company was established and found it’s values from an European decent, the focus remain on the practicality of doing business in Africa.

The Reinhuys Trading Company of South Africa, Reinhuys (Pty) Ltd, is an independant exporter specializing in high end, quality meats, with divisions as a Media House and interests in the development of renewable enegry.  

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