Game meat and venison export to Asian countries

Although the South African game meat and venison export quantities to China, Japan and Korea has been somewhat limited, the potential of supplies lies unprecedented.

The rapid growing economy of the People’s Republic of China has in recent years contributed to a large middle to high-class consumer sector, who has a special preference for high quality organic meat.

Even though in scale, the Chinese market for exotic meats seems to be beyond that what South Africa can produce at this stage, the export to Chinese customers remains a very lucrative option as the specialty meat is not only limited, creating a high demand for it, but is much sought after, especially because of its exceptional quality in taste and value.

On the other hand, has the Japanese wealth for a long time now insured that Japanese consumers can choose between better quality meats, in spite of a very strong economy, without having to pay the highest of prices for the best products available across the globe.

Diplomatic relations regarding the health and safety aspects for the export of the packaged meat between South Africa and various Asian countries is currently ongoing and will play a major role in the forthcoming growth of the South African venison industry.

Little effort, regarding the promoting of game meat in Asian countries has been made in the past, yet with the potential, the focus will gradually shift with an increase of volume in shipments of various cuts of meat.

The Reinhuys Trading Company of South Africa, Reinhuys (Pty) Ltd, is an independant exporter specializing in high end, quality meats, with divisions as a Media House and interests in the development of renewable enegry.  

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