Various types of game meat, cuts and species

Reinhuys is proud to be serving our clients with only the best South Africa has to offer.

Our main meat products therefor consists of prime cuts which includes, Sirloin, Rump, and Fillet. Although the price of fillet is higher, the quality in both Sirloin and Rump stakes should not be seen as inferior to the more expensive fillet cuts, as with many clients and customers alike, it is only a matter of difference in taste.

Other cuts such as silverside are also available on request, but does not make part of the main line of distribution.

The game meat comprises of selected species, of which Blue Wildebeest, Springbuck, and Kudu is the most popular, depending on the country it is exported to.

Other species includes Impala, Eland, Ostrich and Zebra, and can be ordered as with any other species. Some of these species are, according to South African wildlife protection laws, harvested on a seasonal basis, but with good planning, frozen meat is currently supplied all year round.

Crocodile meat and warthog meat, along with that of other species can be ordered on request, as long as there is a sufficient lead time for the proper procedures and the guarantee of a superior product in the highest quality of meat.

All animals harvested are roaming free on large areas of South African game breeding ranches, ensuring that the meat is organic, without any feeding or medicinal influences in any form.

The Reinhuys Trading Company of South Africa, Reinhuys (Pty) Ltd, is an independant exporter specializing in high end, quality meats, with divisions as a Media House and interests in the development of renewable enegry.  

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