Game meat and venison packaging

All packaging for export and distribution of the Reinhuys products of venison, meets the highest of European and international standards.

The various cuts are vacuumed packed by certified and registered venison export abattoirs, ensuring freshness of product and absolute quality upon delivery.

Packaged and labeled products vary from 200g to 500g for individual shelf products, where bulk meat are packaged in larger volumes.

In many countries, frozen meat remains the more popular option, as it is easier to handle in bulk, and far less expensive in terms of logistics. Frozen products are easy to transport via sea freight, with minimal risk.

Chilled meat of game and wild meat products on the other hand, preferred by very specific segments in the market, are usually sent in quantities of 1.2 tons per pallet, by making use of airfreight.

The details of packaging and logistics varies from client to client and such details are always finalized upon the placing of an order

The Reinhuys Trading Company of South Africa, Reinhuys (Pty) Ltd, is an independant exporter specializing in high end, quality meats, with divisions as a Media House and interests in the development of renewable enegry.  

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