Venison and wild meat distribution in South Africa

The Reinhuys Trading Company, based in Pretoria, South Africa are currently adequate in supplying outlets, butcheries, restaurants and hotels in the Gauteng province of South Africa with special arrangements for other regions within the Republic.

Our products and services are customized for events such as traditional weddings, government departmental meetings and celebrations and large-scale religious gatherings such as church functions.

All game meat and venison products come as standard, thus the client receiving the same quality cut of meat as the customer in a hotel elsewhere in the world.

South Africa still has a long way to go for the standardizing of game meat products and the familiarity with the various cuts and species available, and it is the Reinhuys Company’s aim to promote, and educate the broader spectrum of the South African public on not only the healthy qualities of lean wild meat but also present to our clients, the creativity behind the many options of preparing and cooking a delicious cut of meat.

Apart from the major health benefits of wild meat, studies show that game meat will play a significant role in food security in the near future, thus making the mainstream distribution of the products all the more important.

Reinhuys is proud to be part of the initiative to make South African game meat a popular consumer product in the country.

Exporters of quality game meat

The Reinhuys Trading Company of South Africa 

Reinhuys, an independent exporter of high-end quality meats, offers its clients a wide variety of services within the game meat sector of South Africa with the best expertise and tailored advice in mid to large shipment orders for all importers and distributors of consumable products.

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