Organic meat and other organic products are growing at a rapid rate in South Africa.

A couple of years ago, a search for organic meat for sale in South Africa, would have turned in about two or three results, but today, it is quite a different picture.

The same search would not only provide you with pages of information but also suggest you widen your search to organic meat Gauteng, organic meat Pretoria, grass-fed beef Johannesburg and countless other options people are searching for on a daily basis.

And unsurprisingly so.

The minority population of European decent in South Africa, have always followed European, and more so in the last couple of decades, American trends.

Globally people are becoming all the more health conscious, but this trend is unequaled by the developed countries.

In 2015, Europe alone had a total area of 11.1 million hectares cultivated as organic, which has shown tremendous growth from the 5.0 million that was cultivated in 2002*. Though this represents the whole organic spectrum and not just that of meat production, it clearly indicates a healthy growing development.

Similar in the USA, both the production and the demand kept growing on an annual basis.

According to The United States Department of Agriculture, organic food sales consisted of an estimated $28.4 billion in 2012 and reached an estimated $35 billion in 2014.

With greater capacity to spend, South Africans have caught on to the fact that if one looks past the usual products, there are much healthier options to find.

The majority of the population, are still driven by a lifelong string of shopping habits, but with a newer, more tech-savvy generation rising, those habits are changing at a rapid pace.

On top of that, while being conscious of the food intake, many of the African tribes have it part of their tradition to serve a kind of “wild” meat at weddings and other important events. While the young generation will consider their options in front of the retail varieties, many of these individuals will not have it any other way for a wedding, but to have the meat they wish for.

For some, a healthy organic intake is the only way to go. For others, the old, old traditional way seems the best. Whichever it is, it remains organic, and an ever-growing market.


* Eurostat data