The quality factor


For companies focusing on supplying venison and game meat to restaurant and hotel chains, it is vital to make sure that the final product served on the end consumers plate, is of the utmost quality. Not only is the importer or distributor’s name at stake, the establishment serving the dishes also need to hold up a reputation that is above reproach.


The Reinhuys Company then advises that information on international standards of cooking should be made available for chefs and restaurant owners alike, as the bulk of meat sold in hotels and restaurants usually consists of the mainstream products, with different preparation methods.

Bringing out the right flavour and texture in the meat is equally important if one is determined to rise above the harsh competition in several of the metropolitan cities.

In most cases, chefs are schooled and familiar with modern day cooking standards, but for those who don’t prepare it every day, serving it to important customers can be a daunting task.

Some of the elements, such as not overcooking the various cuts, the use of marinades, tenderizing the steaks and ageing the meat, should thoroughly be dealt with, as a mistake can end up costly to both the owner of the restaurant and the supplier.

Similarly, stringiest attention should be brought to the staff, waiters and managers being trained in the aspects of game meat, placing emphasise for instance on where it comes from, specifically what species it is and be able to accurately describe the taste, especially if more than one game species are available.

Although the Reinhuys Company ensures that a range of products remains available throughout the year, some of the species and availability on frozen or chilled meat can be seasonal, and it is important that this kind of information is communicated to the end consumer.

People usually have more than one question when ordering game meat from a menu and it is adamant that the knowledge about the taste of the meat, the health aspects and the standards are readily available. It usually serves as a great advantage when the distributor encourages the restaurant owner of putting some of the information on the menu, and on their company website.

High-quality venison in a restaurant has the potential to be a big lift for the reputation of distributors and importers alike.

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