The Reinhuys Trading Company of South Africa has from the outset, set its priorities on the east for the export of South African game meat.


Ever since Russia had its food embargo which resulted in the opening of new markets for exports to the Eurasian country, Reinhuys has actively been working on the opening and researching the available channels for international distribution of game meat and deer meat known as venison.

“Conditions in South Africa regarding distribution capabilities, and the prices of meat are extremely favourable for the international market at the moment,” Adriaan Snyman, Chairman of The Reinhuys Trading Company said when asked about an upcoming wildlife event where the game meat sector of the wildlife industry will be addressed.

The South African game and wildlife industry have in recent years, as a result of extensive breeding, seen tremendous growth in the number of animals and the number of participants. The prices of the majority of wildlife species were at an all-time high, which in turn put tremendous pressure on the meat industry.

To the few registered exporters, it remained a struggle to balance availability with reasonable pricing, but to the rest of the South African population, the trend was barely noticed. The bulk of game meat and wild meat in South Africa are processed into dried meat and sausages, (known as biltong) and there has always been a premium on these kinds of processed meats.

More than ten years of exponential growth has caused the situation to change in the last year and a half, with a sudden steep decline in prices and an oversupply of livestock. These figures are clearly noticed in recent game auctions. Many game breeders are not necessarily worse of as the value of their herds has risen in numbers, but without a proper and the ongoing end consumer for the various meat products, the development of the export industry has become an urgent matter.

Reinhuys therefor sees it as not only a lucrative opportunity to be focusing on eastern countries such as Russia, China and the Middle East but views it as an absolute necessity to priorities fast-growing international markets.

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