REINHUYS is a private company registered in the Republic of South Africa, created with the purpose to expand the production, distribution and export of South African trade in consumable products, specifically focusing on all related products of Game meat, venison and specialty meats.

The company is committed to providing exceptional service in all aspects of its operations and service delivery, for the benefit of all its shareholders, employees, customers, business partners as well as the particular business community as a whole.  

The REINHUYS Trading Company of South Africa aspire to be a leader in the industry sector of South African game meat, thus striving to be the most of innovative, advanced and at the same time, a company showing steady and secure growth on the continents we choose as our main focus and in which we operate.

The REINHUYS code of ethics in connection with the securing of the shipments, all the way through to the final delivery of the product, ensures the fair treatment of both its employees as well as that of the smaller communities in South Africa.